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F.D. Roosevelt Elementary School opened its doors for the first time in 1980.
Mission Statement
F. D. Roosevelt is an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement, working as a team to prepare students to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens. We promote positive relationships, high academic achievement, and a passion for life-long learning to ensure present and future success.
Guiding Principles
F. D. Roosevelt continually strives to provide:
• A safe and nurturing school environment.
• An engaging curriculum within a stimulating classroom environment.
• Experiences that enable students to reach their highest potential.
• Opportunities for parent and community involvement.
• Data driven instruction that meets the individual needs of all students.
• A clear and shared focus on student learning.
     Currently there are about 371 students at F.D. Roosevelt  in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Teacher to student ratio is 18:1.  The majority of students are minorities with 50% “limited in English proficiency”. 
     F.D. Roosevelt’s school hours are 1st through 3rd graders 8:30am to 2:30pm daily, except Thursdays to 1:05pm.  4th and 5th graders are dismissed at 2:55pm  except Thursdays at 1:10pm.
In addition to Reading Partners there is an afterschool program (RAP) on campus until 6PM. 

The Reading Partners Center at F.D. Roosevelt is in Room 33.  It is located at the most northwesterly module.
The Reading Partners Site Coordinator is Calvin Williams. 
Calvin runs the Reading Partners Center at F.D. Roosevelt. He is your main point of contact and you should contact him for all of your questions about your schedule, your student, or the program!
This is Calvin’s second year as a Site Coordinator at F.D. Roosevelt. Before that he graduated from Marymount California University, where he studied and received his B.A. in Psychology.
Calvin’s e-mail is You can also reach him at (323) 538-5708.
The Reading Partners Program Manager is Rachel Morgan. She oversees F.D. Roosevelt as well as four other sites. She can be reached at or at 601-214-6224.
The Tutor Advisory Council member for F.D. Roosevelt is Debbie Turano. She tutors during the last sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She can be reached at
You may see other Reading Partners staff and AmeriCorps members in the center as well – you can identify them by their blue lanyards. They are always available to answer any questions and love to hear about your experiences! 

The website for Reading Partners is:  

* Additional Important Reading Partners Information *
- Always check in at the main office on your way in and sign out when you leave. It is important for schools to be able to track the hours served by  volunteers as well as an important safety measure to know who is on campus at all times!
- Volunteer lanyards and name tags are near the classroom door.  Wear the lanyard and volunteer badge while at F.D. Roosevelt. Leave the lanyard and badge in the Reading Partners classroom when you complete your session.
- Arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning time for your tutoring session to gather and read over materials and plan the lesson.  If you have any questions about the lesson, ask Calvin for clarification.  You can also ask him to demonstrate a component of your lesson with your student if your student is struggling with acquiring a skill.
- Please be flexible if your student is absent or if there are school schedule changes. Calvin will always let you know in advance when possible, but there may be a case where we don’t find out until you arrive for your session. If so, please be understanding. When that happens, Calvin can pair you with another student for that session.
- Closely follow the pick-up and return times for the student’s lesson.
- When you go to pick up your student, open the classroom door and remain in the doorway. When the teacher or RAP teacher (after-school) acknowledges you, identify yourself as a Reading Partners Volunteer tutor and tell them the  student you are picking up. When taking the student back to class, make sure the student goes back into their classroom before coming back to the Reading Partners Center. 
- The student should walk with you at all times.  If your student needs to use the bathroom, wait outside in the hallway near the bathroom for your student.
- Contact Calvin if you are going to be absent. Provide as much advance notice as possible so that Calvin can make other arrangements for tutoring your student(s). Every student needs 2 sessions a week! Let Calvin know if you have an opportunity to make-up a session with your student at another time.

* Reading Partners’ Lesson Design *
  - Students are referred to the Reading Partners program  by F.D. Roosevelt school personnel.
  - Students are assessed and placed in the curriculum continuum based on their results.
Here is the link to the Volunteer Hub:
  - There are 3 levels of reading lessons:  Emerging Readers, Beginning Readers, and Comprehension Readers.

* Emerging Readers *
This curriculum covers material learned in Kindergarten. The emphasis is on building foundational skills through facilitating engaging, visual, and hands-on activities for developing readers.

* Beginning Readers *
This curriculum covers material learned in first grade. The emphasis is on imparting key phonics and comprehension skills to student who are working towards becoming independent readers.
* Comprehension Readers *
This curriculum covers material learned in grades 2-4. This curriculum focuses on specific comprehension strategies applied across different genres. 

* Supporting Reading Partners *
  - donate new or gently used books
  - donate items listed on the classroom whiteboard
  - donate take-home reading prizes
  - donate a book for your assigned student(s) twice a year, in December and May
  - attend tutor workshops to improve your knowledge base and support other tutors
  - volunteer to do make-up reading lessons when Calvin needs help
* Supporting F.D. Roosevelt Elementary*
  - join the PTA – only costs $7.00 and it is very helpful for them to show they have community members. 
Contact: Veronica Gonzalez, PTA President
Phone: 310.675.1121 | Fax: 310.219.3180
  - Save and donate Boxtops for Education
  - Support fundraisers at area restaurants
  - purchase items during fundraisers
  - purchase an item from a teacher’s wish list (most teachers have wish lists posted near their classroom doors)