Community Watch Minutes 4/17/19

7:00:      Meeting is called to order. Tamaryn, Kevin, Randy, Jerry present. Opening statements. Kevin addressed current homeless issue progress. Advised residents to keep calling. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Also spoke about Santa sleigh and recognition.

7:10:      Randy addressed upcoming events (see calendar of events)

7:12:      Tamaryn (Tam) introduction. Addressed the fact that we on the board are on a complete voluntary basis. Focus is on crime, safety and beautification on the community. Spoke to the homeless initiatives and teams that have been in communication while addressing the issue. Best rule of thumb is Persistence, Persistence, Persistence. Flyers have been created to provide phone numbers for the various departments that deal with the homeless. Also, a special number for reporting suspicious activity. It’s important to create a log that can be referenced by policing agencies when determining allocation of deputies. Crime stats were passed out.

7:19:      Lt. Holguin was introduced. Broke down crime stats and explained each case to let people know what is going on.


1)      Domestic

2)      Drive-by (triangle)

3)      Brother on brother (by Lemoli). One brother hit the other with the metal part of a belt

4)      Knife incident. Victim’s leg was cut

5)      Bar fight. Female threw a glass bottle and struck another patron

Building crimes (burglary)

1) Commercial building

Larceny Theft (Grand theft, petty theft, vehicle theft)


2) Prius catalytic converter

3) Work truck (tools were stolen)

4) Prius catalytic converter

 Auto thefts:

 No significant pattern or crime area


 Mark Twain shed w/ accelerant

 Possible arson also at Mark Twain in port-o-potty


                Total crime reduction approx. 46% (great success)

Spoke to homeless issue. New housing is being built around South LA station. 2018 census showed over 15,000 homeless in LA County. Urged residents to report crimes even if it’s minor and there spoke to going online or using an app to file. Documentation is key.

Kevin spoke to adding “homeless” to description of any report can lessen the urgency, however it can be a great description (homeless looking). Also, the type of call (blocking the sidewalk vs. actively breaking a window, the breaking of the window is going to get the urgency).

Resident asked what can be carried on your person. Walks her child to school and is sometimes harassed by homeless. Pepper spray is allowed.

There are currently 4 larger homeless encampments being monitored by HOST. They are responsible for going in on a periodic basis to clean up assess “residents”.

1)      Do your part, report crimes

2)      Don’t leave anything visible in your vehicle

3)      Don’t have packages delivered to your home if you’re not there

7:42:      Officer Nieves is introduced. CHP is hiring (up to age 36), spoke very highly of branch of law enforcement. 

154th & Lemoli. Erial &154th. (monitoring stop signs). Officer Nieves is on duty 7:00 am – 4:00 pm daily. Provided email address ( If after 4:00 pm, use the number on the yellow handout (important numbers).

Resident spoke to weekend parties, especially during summer months. Officer Nieves advised to call Sherriff and CHP will assist with intoxicated drivers/loud exhaust/donuts. Tamaryn spoke to info. on handout (rate my park). 

Resident spoke to parents double/triple parking when dropping off/picking up kids. Officer Nieves advised to let CHP know. 

Resident asked about double yellow, illegal U-Turns being made by college students. Officer Nieves asked for an email to follow up.

8:00:      LA County Public Works – Beautification projects (Mercedes Passanisi & Aaron Chiang). Projects are in initial planning stages. Mock ups were displayed. Proposed underground reservoirs (tanks). In addition, baseball diamonds would be upgraded with lighting and drought resistant landscaping. Design phase coming up in the next couple of months. There will be a specific community meeting to get input on design and implementation. Focused on storm water run-off/re-capture. Multi-agency project. 

Asked about road beautification (Marine). Advised to email and it would be handled by the appropriate channel.

8:10:      Resident asked about a measure to allow students to live in their vehicles. If measure does pass, students would be allowed to live in vehicles, on campus and would be given provisions. Not in effect, but on the docket.

Crosswalks will be breaking ground (Cranbrook in June/July). In lieu of 2nd crosswalk, ECC may have traffic light put in at Cerise. If that happens, Cranbrook may not have new crosswalk put in.

8:19:      Meeting adjourned

Community Watch Meeting Minutes 10/17/18

7:00 pm Meeting is brought to order beginning with Boy scout troop 785 doing the color guard and pledge of allegiance.

7:04 pm Kevin introduced panel and some of the guest speakers.

7:05 pm Meeting dedication to Pat Holmes. Kevin spoke to Pat’s life, and many many contributions to the community.

7:10 pm Crime stats were distributed. Tamaryn began with words of remembrance of Pat and shared her story of why she got involved in the Community Watch Association. Part 1 crime stats were gone over in detail to compare YTD and YOY crime stats. Showed displays with tips for saving primary contacts for different services (CHP, Sherriff, etc.). Spoke to Ring coupon for the Ring doorbell.

Homeless issue was brought up. Display (and flyer) explaining the different resources/agencies that are actively working to address homelessness. Tamaryn is working to establish relationships and set up a separate meeting to address the community’s concerns. There isn’t just one point of contact to reach out. Different agencies/resources are available and we are working on getting contact information. ECV is part of “SPA8” which is one of the designated areas the county has mapped out. There will be a listening session October 23rd in Lawndale and residents are encouraged to attend.

7:24 pm Kevin asked, by show of hands, how many people would be interested in a separate township meeting to specifically address the homeless? A majority of the room showed interest.

7:25 pm Lt. Burcher was introduced. Started by addressing Prop H. Upon its inception, there was no funding allocated to start the resources moving. We are just starting to get the momentum. Spoke to recently removing the homeless, and them coming right back. A resident requested additional police presence in the neighborhood. She lives by the channel, where many homeless congregate, and had her car broken into and items stolen. Lt. Burcher stated that there is only 1 patrol car and they are also responsible for servicing other areas. Another resident asked about homeless that are taking up residency on either side of the sidewalk by the entrance to Alondra Park. Posed the question, is that not loitering? Lt. Burcher advised that there is no way to take that amount of homeless in for loitering, and when asked to move, they will temporarily, but end up right back. Another resident brought up the fact that ECV provides a unique environment that fosters the homeless. If there is a suspicious person walking down into the channel at 2:00 am, a deputy(s) will not be forced to enter a potentially dangerous situation. Another resident brought up the fact that by the time something happens, we will be wondering what could have been done. Lt. Burcher mentioned that in order to address the crime, we have to nip the homeless issue in the bud. Bun in order to do that, with new regulations, any group of 5 or more needs a team assembled (public defender, psychiatric assessment, housing, etc.)

Resident posed a questions, if the police are called out, are they not able to run anyone to see if there are any warrants, but there is new policy that requires a 4 pg. report to prevent “profiling”.

Another resident brought up “COG” program. It is a homeless task force team that helps those in need get housing, resources, etc. Information was given to the board.

Another resident suggested we need to work together to make our neighborhoods better. Don’t get mad at law enforcement, don’t villainize all homeless, just be more vigilant and call things in as you see them.

7:50 pm Officer Nieves was introduced. Nieves spoke to school programs geared at helping educate children (plant the seed while they’re young).

Resident asked about crosswalk enforcement. Officer Nieves spoke to some of the ways they address enforcement, but reiterated the importance of establishing a rapport with children, rather than get a negative idea of all police.

A resident asked about students that come to an abrupt stop to try to get a vacant parking spot. If a spot is available, it is not illegal for a car to stop and wait for it. If there is no spot available, a car cannot just sit and wait. Officer asked for a specific time, and it was mentioned that it happens during almost all class hours.

Another resident spoke to her daughter, a college student, that sometimes has to walk to school. Asked where the police presence is enforcing the crosswalks.

8:05 pm Deputy Carol Malveaux, with Parks Bureau, was introduced. Parks Bureau covers Alondra, Bodger and Del Aire parks. Officer addressed that our park does have “closing” hours (sun down). Recently had signs in parking lot updated so that parking lot also closes at sun down. Parks Bureau dispatch number was given 1-800-834-0064. Kevin brought up the history of some of the clubs that take over the park (car/motorcycle clubs) and create dangerous environments for other park goers and people using public streets. When one agency is called, they sometimes refer to other agencies. Rule of thumb, if it’s in the park, call Parks Bureau dispatch. If it is an ongoing issue, Deputy Carol advised to email her to explain the situation.

A resident asked about Coyotes in the park. It is animal control’s responsibility. If they say they cannot help, ask to speak to a supervisor. If they still don’t do anything, email Carol.

Another resident asked about splitting Alondra park into different parks due to the size. No knowledge of that.

8:21 pm Abraham was introduced (owner of liquor store of MBB & Crenshaw). Over the past 10 years, has dedicated time to assist with the homeless through religious sources. Emphasized the importance of coming together as a community to be the eyes and ears / hands and feet of the people.

Tamaryn addressed some of the concern residents have regarding the feeding of some homeless. Speaker mentioned that the homeless will be here regardless of a meal, but everyone has the right to a plate of food. Also mentioned their approach is to talk to and try to understand each person’s story to try and help in any way they can.

8:30 pm Meeting was adjourned. Residents were thanked for attending.

Community Watch Meeting Minutes 4/18/18

7:00 pm    Meeting was called to order. Members and speakers were introduced.

7:05 pm    Kevin spoke in regard to current status updates – crosswalk scheduled to be worked on in beginning of calendar year 2019. Homeless problem is ongoing and we hear the concern. COPS team accompanied by psychologist to try and help relocate some of the homeless. Some took the help, others haven’t. Also spoke briefly to Refinery topic that will be address later in the meeting. Introduced Randy

7:10 pm    Randy began with meeting dedication and moment of silence for Michael Washburn (parks & recs employee) and Jeanne Lescord (ECV resident). Talked about Pirate Day Parade (4/28) some street closure, may affect commute times. Possibly room for some additional vintage cars. Fishing Derby (5/12) registration at 7:30 am, event from 8 am – 12 pm. Carnival over Memorial Day weekend (5/25 – 5/28), Hawaiian Festival in June, first skater appreciation day – Skatefest! (6/21). Splash pad is currently under construction but scheduled to open soon. Also introduced James LeBlanc, newest member of park staff. Brings 26 years of experience to the table. Passed back to Kevin.

7:15 pm    Kevin passed out crime stats and gave the floor to Tamaryn. Discussed current crime stats. Resident asked where a map of the crime reports can be found. Sheriffs dept. doesn’t currently have one up and running. Tamaryn recommended Pat made mention that exact addresses can’t be revealed, but general area can. Kevin asked for email addresses for anyone looking to stay up to date on stats as we get them. Lt. Burcher was introduced.

7:20 pm    Lt. Burcher spoke to homeless removal / COPS team. Psychs are a part of the team to help provide psychiatric evaluations. Team was able to remove 8 tons of materials (tents, clothes, etc.) Resident asked who can be spoken to directly to address the homeless. No direct channel. Kevin asked about homeless being aggressive towards residents. Parks bureau is responsible for making sure no homeless are staying overnight. They cannot be asked to leave during the day unless they are causing a problem and it is reported. Resident addressed people riding bikes at late night / early morning hours without lights. Also usually seen riding with plastic bags. Lt. Burcher advised to call it in and a unit will generally head towards the area (pending other priority calls). Another resident asked about response times. Call is usually dispatched immediately, but response time depends on priority of call. Try to be no longer than 20 minutes, even for lower priority calls. Higher priority, usually within about 5 min. Lt. Burcher spoke about prop 57, making it harder on law enforcement to pick up perps since more crimes have been reduced.

7:39 pm    CHP – Officer Lance Nieves? Introduced himself. Officer Kovaleski has been relocated. Asking for specific problem locations that are known so they can focus their efforts on those areas. New dispatch number that can be called. There are currently 6 officers assigned to South LA area. Resident from Lemoli asked best practice for calling in speeders. If more people call, the more units/time for a unit gets allocated to specific areas. Resident asked if speed sign on Lemoli records data. It does not. Resident asked who is responsible for parking citations. CHP as well as parking enforcement. Reiterated a vehicle can only be parked on the street without moving for 72 hours.

7:50 pm    Torrance Refinery Action Alliance was introduced. Mayors of both Manhattan and Hermosa Beach have written letters to urge the change in chemicals used (hydrofluoric acid). Sally came up to give power point presentation. Torrance refinery and Valero in Wilmington are the only 2 refineries in the state to us HF and MHF. Radius of chemical cloud can include much of the South Bay. Link to all information at Lawn signs were distributed. Contact information was collected to be kept in the loop with ongoing events dealing with HF and MHF. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:00 pm at Sizzler on Torrance and Sepulveda.

8:30 pm   Meeting concluded. Advised of next Community Watch Meeting July 18th.