Crime Stats as of June 2017

Below are the official Part 1 crime stat numbers year-to-date as reported by the South LA Sheriff Station through June 2017 as they compare to year-to-date stats through June 2016.

*   8 incidents of Aggravated Assault (down 33.33% from June 2016)
*   18 incidents of Burglary - Residential & Vehicle (UP 50.00% from June 2016) 
*   38 incidents of Larceny/Theft (Down 7.32% from June 2016)
*   16 GTA's [stolen cars] ( Down 20.00% from June 2016) 
*   0 Arson - No incidents through June 2016
*   0 Homicides - 1 incident through June 2016
*   0 Rapes - 1 incident through June 2016
*   10 Robberies (Down 11.11% from June 2016) 

For June part one crimes - 1 at Alondra Park, 3 in the Triangle North of Marine, 4 in the Main Section 6 on the Avenues and Boulevards running trough ECV 14 total crimes.

There are 90 Part 1 crimes Year-to-Date as compared to June 2016 there were 95 part 1 crimes

Community Watch Minutes (4/19/17)

7:00:    Meeting begins with Pat and opening statements. Park events are discussed:
    Memorial Day weekend – Carnival
    Hawaiian Festival – July 15th-16th
    Summer program enrollment
    Pirate Day Parade – April 29th. Road closures

7:03    Lt. John Burcher introduced (new Lt. replacing Lt. John Hocking at Lawndale sub-station)
    Since Prop 47 & Prop 57 passed, home crimes have gone up everywhere.
Spoke on burglary stats (general). Most common times (10 am – 3 pm). Best prevention: solid core door with proper lock (house). Don’t leave valuables out in the open. Save the Sheriff’s number into your phone.

7:18    Opened for questions
    Coyotes – Animal control

7:20    Q: How do you report a suspicion person?
A: Report your suspicion and give as accurate a description as possible (description sheets provided in “Community Watch” tab).

Q: How will I know if officers responded?
A: You can request a call back. Get a tag number.

Q: Will officials respond quickly to an emergency call?
A: Priority of calls – Emergency, Priority, Routine (how it is categorized will determine how quickly it is responded to).

Q: Is there an increase in monitoring with an increase in crime stats?
A: There will be an increase in between calls. Monthly briefings are used to identify problem areas.

Q: Homeless
A: Try to o regular sweeps of the wash (Dominguez Canal). For Alondra Park, with “No Trespassing” call park administrator.

7:33    Pat addresses Fire Hydrants – Do Not Park in front of one. Talked about parking enforcement (and lack of presence). Supervisor will be briefed.

7:40    CHP
    Priorities are traffic enforcement and crime prevention. Focus on main arteries (perimeter).

    Q: Is radar being used on Manhattan Beach Blvd?
    A: Yes. Officer Kovaleski is a proponent of tickets & enforcement.

    Q: Is there a specific number of deputies assigned to ECV?
    A: 6 COPS team members & support staff but not any specific officers other than Kovaleski.

    Q: Will the crosswalk be addressed?
    A: Will be going over with County at a later time.

    Q: Is CHP working with Sheriffs to coordinate policing problem areas?
    A: Yes, but you need to call in to report problems.

    Q: What can be done about the car and bike clubs on Manhattan Beach Blvd. (specifically on Sundays)?
    A: Most resources are on the East side of LA. Call CHP to report.

    Any problem areas can be reported to:
    Be sure to include the nature of the problem (racing, loitering, burn outs, etc.) and specific times of occurances.

8:04:    Chief Trevis (El Camino College Police)
    Parking structure anticipated to open in Fall, 2017
    NIXL – Campus alerts and advisories
    Flyers have been distributed regarding games/event going on at the college.
    Will be doing another crosswalk sting (19 tickets YTD)
    May 3rd, Campus lock down/shelter drill (9:40 am/7:10 pm).
If any activity looks student related (suspicion persons) call ECPD. If Sheriff is taking too long to respond, call back to Sheriff’s and ask if they can dispatch ECPD. (other law enforcement agencies can call on ECPD).

8:12    Mary Jones (County representative)
    Spoke regarding crosswalk:
    -replace blinking yellow lights with beacon (pedestrian activated)
    -lower light arm, bring closer to crosswalk
    Speed humps on Lemoli/Doty (requires study, 8-10 weeks + approval + funding)
    Monuments (original bid in for $650k. Trying to get another quote)
    Strip mall on corner of Marine (no permits have been pulled as of now)
    Unkempt properties – County will begin looking into properties 4/20
Homelessness – Measure H passed. Expecting to see funding by June (looking at housing, wrap around services). Not much can be done if people refuse services.

Q: What is the timeline on crosswalk/speed humps?
A: Recommendations are sent to traffic & lighting (public works). There is a traffic study involved (usually 8-10 weeks for results), then the plan needs approval and funding.

Citizens can follow up with the process and attend city council meetings.

8:30    Meeting adjourned

Community Watch Minutes (1/19/17)

7:00    Opening statement
    Mention of graffiti in park/along Manhattan Beach Blvd. (gave # for removal)
    Mention of homeless encampments

7:05    Chief Trevis
    Spoke about NIXL (alert service for campus)
    Partnering with Sheriff to reedy homeless encampments in the channel.

7:08    Director of Facilities – Tom Brown
    Spoke to parking structure completion in May
    New student service center building beginning construction (approx. 2 year project).
Concern was raised regarding increased traffic on Manhattan Beach Blvd. Structure holds approx. 1400 cars.
Ingress/egress: only left and right turns onto Manhattan Beach Blvd. No driving straight into the structure or community.

7:13    CHP – Officers Kovaleski & Williams
Spoke to excessive speed on Marine. Can’t use electronic devices (radar) to monitor (technicality). Actively working on a survey (hopefully June 1st). Takes 4-6 weeks to collect data, then reports are finalized. Main purpose is to be able to use electronic devices.

Gray Chevrolet Tahoe with tinted windows (suspected vehicle in fatal hit and run) Lemoli & Marine.

Early March, in conjunction with El Camino College Police, pedestrian crosswalk stings.

Spoke to possibly adding additional stop signs on Lemoli; Has to be done through county. Speed bumps were recommended, but also must be done through county. El Camino College offered to assist in any way (letters of recommendation for speed humps).

Spoke about 154th & Doty intersection (officers are helping when they can and are hopefully making an impact).

Fire hydrants – specific example of citation was discussed. Suggestion: Do Not park in front of a hydrant; active or not.

A complaint can be filed with Lawndale sub-station to challenge a ticket. There is the “spirit” of the law and the “letter” of the law. It was advised to speak to local governing agencies to determine tolerances (distance from hydrant if no markings).

Attention was brought to social media polls, and specifics were discussed in regard to protocol.

Q: Who is responsible for clean up after auto accidents?
A: CHP is, but will often partner with tow companies to make sure tows clean up. If not, call into CHP to report.

7:40    Kevin spoke to getting license plates (for traffic violators, speeders, expired registration, etc.)

7:42    Linda Benecke – Damsel In Defense presentation.

8:10    Santa Sleigh recognition:
    Kevin Porizek – Santa
    Randy Porizek – Lead Elf
    Angela Porizek – Elf
    Nathin Terrell – Elf
    Chris Porner – Pulled sleigh
    Makayla Porner – Elf
    Gary Spalding – Trailer for sleigh
    Hugh Kunkel – Engineer/Elf
Salome – Elf
Boyscout troop 785 – Elves

    Toy drive announcement – over 100 toys donated and distributed at Alondra Park toy drive

8:16    Meeting adjourned